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02-03-2005 17:46
American ROAC Clerics Visit Suzdal

 The Dean of ROAC in North America and pastor of Holy Resurrection Church in Worcester (Massachusetts), Protopresbyter Victor Melehov, the rector of the Church of St John the Russian in Ipswich (Massachusetts) Archpriest Spyridon Schneider, and rector of St Basil of Kineshema in Colorado Springs (Colorado) Archpriest Dionysus MacGowan visited Russia February 19-24. From February 19-21, they held Divine services in Moscow's Dmitrov neighborhood, where one of the communities of Fr Victor Melehov was founded, Vertograd reports.

On February 21, the American priests came to Suzdal, where they discussed with ROAC First-Hierarch Metropolitan Valentine a number of organizational and spiritual questions. Next day they celebrated liturgy with Metropolitan Valentine in The Tsar-Constantine Cathedral , during which ROAC's first Argentinean priest Siluan Dignac was ordained. Metropolitan Valentine celebrated with seven priests today, including a newly received priest of the Tula diocese of ROAC. This is already the third priest received into ROAC from the Moscow Patriarchate in February of this year. In the evening of February 22, the guests returned to Moscow's Dmitrov quarter, and on February 24 they returned to the USA.

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