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14 июня 2017, 17:53 Распечатать

ENGLISH VERSION: Ten Years of Illegal Detention of Patriarch Abune Antonios of Eritrea

May 2017 marked the tenth year of illegal detention of the Canonical Patriarch Abune Antonios of Eritrea. His Holiness Abune Antonios is the 3rd Patriarch of the ancient Eritrean Orthodox Church.

Eritrean Orthodox Faithful Call to Restore Patriarch Abune Antonios

The OCP Secretariat news briefing stated that “Anything can happen to the Patriarch in a country like Eritrea. Christian communities and worshipers are severely persecuted. Many believers are detained in prisons and detention centers. An urgent global intervention is required to save religious communities in Eritrea”.

Recent reports said that Patriarch Abune Antonios has fallen ill which resulted from drug poisoning.

Briefing of the Detention
A secret session of the Holy Synod in January 2006 at Asmara formally removed Patriarch from his office and on 20th January. Two priests accompanied by Government security forces invaded Patriarch’s residence and confiscated his personal pontifical insignia.

Serious Concern about Truth of Reported Confession of Ousted Patriarch of Eritrean Orthodox Church

Violating the church canons and constitution, the government installed Bishop Dioscoros of Mendefera as the anti-patriarch on 27th May 2007 (Dioscoros passed away in 2016). Abune Antonios on the same day was forced to move out of his office and has been detained at an undisclosed location somewhere in the capital city of Asmara.

OCP MEDIA NETWORK, June 13, 2017


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ENGLISH VERSION: "Especially the Ukrainian Orthodox Nation...". Communique of the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumanical Patriarchate, April 22

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