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An Appeal From Portal-Credo.Ru to Its Readers

Dear Readers,
Our website recently marked its fifteenth birthday. Its design, which has hardly changed over these years, has become outdated. Reading it on mobile devices is not easy. Our software, which now runs with major errors, is likewise in need of a radical update.
It should come as no surprise that resolving these problems is hampered by the financial difficulties that have arisen from both our independent stance and the systematic harassment to which our site has been subject in recent years. We continue nevertheless to work, glad that our readership has continued to grow despite all these difficulties.
We understand that, owing to the difficult circumstances in which we currently find ourselves, our website cannot at present function at full capacity. But we hope to use this time, with your help, to update our design and software.
This is not something that we do often, but we need to ask for your support. We can’t do it without you. Funds can be transferred in Russia through our Yandex-Wallet 41001766941031, and outside Russia through PayPal account [email protected] (in New Zealand).
On behalf of the editorial board, 
Alexander Soldatov
Xenia Mitrenina


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